To provide the highest quality of compassionate pro bono legal services and advocacy to the unhoused to ensure they are treated fairly and receive available services and benefits to assist them in overcoming homelessness.

J-SUP: Boulder Law Center for the Unhoused was formed to protect the rights of the unhoused and to fight against policies that perpetuate the cycle of homelessness. J-SUP is a tax-exempt, Colorado nonprofit corporation that provides legal services for homeless and near-homeless individuals born out of its founding members’ commitment to social justice and a belief in making a difference in the area of homelessness.

In 2011, a community-wide effort was initiated in Boulder to provide safe sleeping space to the homeless. Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow (BOHO), organized to provide winter overnight emergency centers in the city of Boulder, experimented with an outdoor Summer camp on the grounds of Congregation Har HaShem (CHH), one of BOHO’s cooperating faith-based organizations. After a year of successful operation without any citizen complaints, CHH received a Cease and Desist order from the City of Boulder Zoning Administrator on the grounds that “camping” was not a permitted use on a religious institution’s property. CHH members Bill Cohen and David Perlick were asked by CHH’s Administrator to research this issue so that the Administrator could reply to the City’s order. Cohen and Perlick determined that Appellate Courts had found that aiding the poor and the homeless was an intimate component of most religions. Therefore, using part of their property to house and feed the poor and the homeless was an “accessory use” under the Boulder Zoning Code: CHH could house and feed the poor and the homeless on its property as a matter of right. The City agreed and withdrew its Cease and Desist Order.

Cohen and Perlick, future founders of J-SUP, had demonstrated the need for lawyers with expertise in laws that impact the lives of homeless people, establishing a legal principle in Boulder that benefited all homeless people and those who would provide them shelter and sustenance. Two other CHH members Donna Axel and David Rosen, also attorneys, joined Cohen and Perlick in discussing the need for legal services to the homeless in Boulder. Thus J-SUP: Boulder Law Center for the Unhoused was formed to protect the rights of the unhoused and to help end policies that perpetuate the cycle of homelessness.

Since 2015 and relying on CRCP Rule 223 (now CRCP Rule 204.6), J-SUP: Boulder Law Center for the Unhoused has been recruiting from attorneys seeking meaningful volunteer opportunities in the Boulder area, including retired attorneys, attorneys licensed in States other than Colorado, parents seeking to reenter the legal practice and/or volunteer part-time/flexible hours, and other attorneys seeking meaningful work. In this way, J-SUP is a means for non-paid attorneys to use their talents, either to get back into the legal profession or to maintain or apply their skills. In addition, J-SUP has supervised several law students (law clerk interns or externs) from the University of Colorado and Denver University since May 2016. This approach allowed J-SUP to get started and to recruit and “employ” attorneys without funds to pay anyone.

After obtaining malpractice insurance in May 2016, J-SUP initiated a pilot “Municipal Court” Project in the Summer of 2016. J-SUP’S pro bono attorneys Angel, Axel, Brode, and Cohen represented Boulder Municipal Court defendants under the supervision of Mr. Cohen or other experienced volunteer defense attorneys, Ben Collett, Eric Zale, and Luke McConnell. By taking on individual cases in Municipal Court, we learned of other legal issues affecting our clients and perpetuating their homelessness. Bill Cohen and Eleanor Brode represented clients who were excluded from the University of Colorado University Memorial Center (UMC), raising serious Due Process issues in the appeal process provided after the exclusion took place. All of our “exclusion” cases were dismissed; two were reduced to “Warnings” not to repeat the alleged objectionable behavior (e.g., sleeping or panhandling in the UMC).

J-SUP: Law Center for the Unhoused (“J-SUP”) aims to help the homeless and near-homeless community by providing needed legal help and to obtain justice where it still remains allusive. In particular, J-SUP seeks to:

  • Provide legal help on minor criminal charges in Municipal Court
  • Assist individuals obtain Colorado identification cards—ID is essential for getting a job and accessing healthcare, dental, housing, & other benefits
  • Intercede on an ad hoc/emergency basis in legal and policy issues
  • Help in the early stages of housing issues and wage issues
  • Assist individuals obtain disability benefits & avoid becoming homeless
  • Advocate for necessary services not yet available in Boulder such as year-round shelters and secure places to store personal belongings
  • Obtain expungement or sealing of criminal records that make people unemployable or ineligible for vital services
  • Identify and assist in respite care following hospitalization
  • Provide and receive trainings in all of these areas, working with other advocates and our homeless neighbors.

Our Board Members

David Perlick
David Perlick Founding Board Member
David is a practicing attorney with a focus on estate planning, probate and trust administration. Having helped many local nonprofits, David works with J-SUP primarily on internal governance issues.
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David M. Rosen
David M. Rosen Founding Board Member
David is a practicing attorney with a long and inspired legal career in service to others as a Public Defender. His vast experience and current knowledge of the criminal court system is foundational to J-SUP’s success.
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Mike Homner
Mike HomnerBoard Member
Mike Homner brings five years of lived experience and twelve years of working for homeless advocacy, both at the ground level and the local, state, and national arenas.

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Bill Cohen
Bill Cohen Founding Board Member
President Emeritus

Bill is a retired attorney with a distinguished legal career. Bill has dedicated much of his life to providing pro bono legal services to those in need, and is now ‘back in practice’ under Colorado’s pro bono certification rule.

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Current and Past Volunteers

Donna Axel
Donna Axel Founding Board Member
Donna, a licensed attorney in NY/NJ, is certified as a pro bono attorney in Colorado and volunteers with J-SUP. She has extensive experience working with others to create nonprofits and building coalitions in the service of equality and justice.

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Eleanor Brode
Eleanor BrodeAttorney
Eleanor, a licensed attorney in Texas, is certified as a pro bono attorney in Colorado and volunteers as an attorney for J-SUP. She is also a baker, career counselor and administrator who helps promote trainings and coordinates volunteers for J-SUP. Eleanor received her B.A. from University of Notre Dame and her J.D. from Southern Methodist School of Law.
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 Shelli Graff Angel
Shelli Graff AngelAttorney
Shelli received her B.A. in Communications from UCLA, and her M.S. in Broadcasting from Boston University before receiving her J.D. from Loyola Law School. After obtaining her law degree, she worked as a corporate attorney at a large firm in Los Angeles where she worked on general corporate, real estate and entertainment transactional matters.
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Sandy Lilley
Sandy LilleyAttorney
Sandra Lilley is a volunteer attorney, licensed to practice law in both Colorado and California. She received her B.A. from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and her J.D. from Santa Clara University. She previously served as a delegate for the State of Colorado to the American Bar Association and on various committees with the Denver Bar Association, and has volunteered with the Children’s Rights Project in Los Angeles.
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Malea McKeown
Malea McKeownAttorney, CPA
Malea is an Attorney and CPA, admitted to practice in both Colorado and California. She started her solo firm, MMK Law, in 2019 where she offers services for estate planning, tax planning and compliance, business transactions, and forensic and expert witness services for personal economic damages and business valuations.

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