Having been mentored by Susan Tattershall (Colorado ID Project), J-SUP is excited to offer assistance to homeless and near-homeless individuals seeking documentation of their identity and citizenship in order to obtain health care, public benefits, housing, transportation, employment—none of which is possible without identification. After 2 years of coordinating trainings for J-SUP volunteers and other non-profit staff to learn about the process of obtaining identification, volunteer attorney and Board Member Eleanor Brode is handling cases on behalf of J-SUP here in Boulder. J-SUP also has a list of volunteer attorneys who have attended Tattershall’s trainings and are on-hand to take on cases, as well. As Point Person for this project, Eleanor Brode ultimately aims to oversee 3-5 J-SUP volunteer attorneys who are at the ready to take on ID cases under her supervision. Eleanor Brode will co-lead future ID Cases Trainings.